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  • This painting is a fragment of the universe. 
    It shows what's visible and invisible. 
    I love to feel it and make it appear on a canvas for the world to see. 

    In this painting, there are the colors, the energy, the feelings of the soul and the universe together - Love, Harmony, Unicity.

    Perhaps this is a memory of a constellation in which you and I once traveled, at the bend of a dream, or maybe, in another life.



    Size  59 X 19" Inch

    Acrylic Puff Paint 


    A truly Contemporary painting on canvas.

    Rarely available

    Prices range from $1,700- $8,500 (VAT included in price)
    Commissions available.
    Please contact me to discuss requirements.

    Global shipping available.
    Lead time 3-4 weeks.

    Many thanks.


    To do this, contact our customer service who will tell you what to do.
    - By phone on +33 6 81 86 91 64, Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    - By email:

    Once your order has been received, you can choose

    - Choose a new work
    - Get a full refund for your order

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