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PLANET 2030 


About Planet 2030.

I am extremely proud and honored to share my association with PLANET 2030,  is a world movement on nature conservation and restoration, driven by a coalition of organizations across the globe.


As part of the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, PLANET 2030 aims to mobilize civil society and businesses to accelerate concrete initiatives to restore the planet.

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As an artist, a dreamer, and an idealist, I've found a powerful intersection between my love for photography and my commitment to preserving our planet. This union has inspired my photographic collection, "SPIRIT", a tribute to the beauty of our natural world and the urgency to protect it.

This journey led me to encounter the inspiring work of PLANET 2030 and FREE SPIRIT. These organizations' visionary actions range from raising environmental awareness, strengthening human connections, to incorporating bold artistic projects. Their holistic approach reflects a deep understanding of the challenges our planet faces, and their efforts towards solving them resonate deeply with my values.

PLANET 2030 and FREE SPIRIT are weaving a network of change that unites organizations, institutions, and individuals around a common goal: to make the world a better place. They showcase how cooperation and concerted action, from the global stage of the United Nations and the 2024 Olympic Games to local communities planting trees and educating, can make a powerful impact on our future.

With admiration for these foundations' missions, I have chosen to align my work with this global cause. The "SPIRIT" collection, divided into three parts: Earth, Ocean, and Forest Spirit, captures the ethereal magic of our natural environment. Each image offers a silent yet powerful reflection on the beauty of our world, aiming to remind us of what we need to preserve.

In support of PLANET 2030's initiatives, I pledge to donate 50% of the profits from all sales of the "SPIRIT" Collection over the coming years. This contribution will support the "Ecosystem Restoration" plan of the United Nations for 2024-2030.

By acquiring a piece from this collection, you will not only be supporting the arts but also actively contributing to the restoration of the oceans, forests, and all natural ecosystems.

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The Collection "Spirit".

As spiritual beings, we humans hold a unique and precious position as both guardians and children of our planet. Our paramount role is to look after the Earth and preserve its wellbeing, recognizing that we are intrinsically connected to it and all its creatures. 

This responsibility calls on us not only to protect and preserve our environment, but also to nurture our own spiritual growth, so as to cultivate the wisdom, compassion, and love necessary to fully embody our protective role. 

By establishing a harmonious balance between our inner development and our external commitment, we can work together for the wellbeing of the world and all its inhabitants.

The beauty of nature transcends the bounds of our perception, extending far beyond what our eyes can see. It manifests not only in the grand landscapes that surround us, but also in the minute details that make up the very essence of our humanity.

At the heart of this grace lies a deep connection between the macrocosm of the universe and the microcosm of atoms, a harmony that unites the vastness of space and the complexity of particles that form the fabric of our existence.

By exploring the mysteries of nature, we discover dimensions invisible to the naked eye, revealing structures and patterns of incredible splendor. From distant galaxies to the intricate patterns of snowflakes, from the spiral of a seashell to the perfect symmetry of molecules, each element of our reality carries within it a unique signature of universal magnificence.

In recognizing that perfection resides as much in the vastness of the universe as in the heart of atoms, we develop a deep respect and admiration for the complexity and interconnection of what surrounds and constructs us.

This also reminds us of our place in this grand scheme and the responsibility we bear as guardians of this fragile beauty, which extends far beyond what our eyes can perceive.

At the heart of our world lies a trinity of spirits, a sacred communion between the Earth, the Ocean, and the Forest. Witnesses to our existence, these natural forces transcend time and space, enveloping us in their ineffable majesty. 

Through this artistic trinity united by our universal consciousness and love, we celebrate the depth of our spiritual connection with these three elements and their unalterable presence in our lives.

Spirit Collection.

Triptych I

Single Printed Edition - Unique Artwork in the world.