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Since I am a little girl
I dream that birds fly underwater

and whales in the sky
I howl at the Moon with the Wolves

Love will save the World

When I was a little girl, I didn't like my first name
Maybe I subconsciously knew what it would take

to fully embody it
I am a lover of Nature, Love and Harmony
I am a lover of the Secrets, the Beauty,  the Magic hidden in each of Us

This Light that we seek and reject at the same time

Everything that Exists is Sacred
Everything that is Created is sacred
We are Sacred

I thought I was alone
I got lost, and the Creator took my hand
She showed me that we are never alone
She showed me that

Lovers, Dreamers, Utopians and Visionaries

are the ones who help Create a New World

I am passionate about Human depth and complexity 
about the process of Creation
the Universe and Who we truly Are


I love Arts and I Love to Create in all forms

I Love Visuals, Stories and Music.

I Love working with People for a Purpose

I Love to Highlight what needs to Be

I Love to Collaborate and grow
Ideas for the Common Good

 To Rise Together and Connect our Souls

I have a Vision

The Vision of Eternal Love
A new Day
A new Dawn
And The Sun Rises

Qualities: I possess a range of qualities that define my approach to life and art. These include being intuitive, allowing me to connect with the essence of my subjects. I am also reactive and dynamic, always ready to adapt to the ever-changing creative landscape. My logical thinking and sensitivity equip me with the ability to find innovative solutions. Moreover, I possess emotional and relational intelligence, fostering effective communication and leadership within artistic collaborations.

My Creative Philosophy: My creative journey is driven by a profound desire to engage in projects where art serves as a catalyst for positive transformation. I carefully handpick endeavors that resonate with my vision, ensuring each project carries a meaningful message. My passion lies in manifesting individual concepts while drawing strength from collective unity.

The Essence of My Art: I firmly believe that my artistic endeavors are a vehicle through which I contribute to a world brimming with harmony, love, justice, and beauty. This is not merely a pursuit but a way of life, an inspiration to leave a lasting, positive impact on the world through the power of creativity.

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